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Ilma University brings an economically powered and socially spurred journal to the forefront with the prestigious title ILMA Journal of Social Sciences & Economics (IJSSE). It encompasses and expounds the socio-economic issues at the local and international planes. IJSSE places paramount emphasis on linguistic, economic and social arenas which propel human experience, expertise, interaction and inclusion forward. IJSSE is a double-blind peer-refereed journal published semi-annually by ILMA University. IJSSE charts the progress made in the main and marginalised areas of Social Science & Economics within the larger landscape of globalization and international in scholarly communications. The journal, therefore, aims to provide an opportunity and a forum to communicate relevant and current trends in the highly spirited areas of Social Science & Economics and its related directions. IJSSE offers a widely acclaimed platform for research articles based on empirical research, conceptual frameworks and critical reviews. The well-researched articles submitted to the editorial office are screened by IJSSE editorial team and sent to peer reviewers who ensure the authenticity through a stringent yet substantial process of double-blind peer reviews. ILMA University, the publisher of Journal of Social Science & Economics (IJSSE) is the full member of CrossRef for Cross Mark and DOI for its all serials.

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Vol. 4 No. 2 (2023): ILMA Journal of Social Sciences & Economics
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Published: 2024-06-07


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