Why Do Cash Cow Movies Work?

ERUM HAFEEZ, Syed Shahrukh Hassan


This research study aims to investigate all possible reasons that lead to the success of Cash Cow movies in Hollywood. We examine diverse elements used to produce these movies to identify the key factors that ensure the consistent success of cash cow movies since the beginning. It is evident from the box-office records that these movies have tested the tides of time yet have always been in public demand for decades. This study also examines why movie critics have hardly applauded these commercially hit movies as the jury never nominates them for any significant accolades, including Academy or Oscar Awards. Further, this research analyzes the duration of the success of cash cow movies. As the Top Lifetime Grosses (2020) indicate, cash cow movies have almost always been stood out as the 'highest-grossing movies of the year for the past two decades, and they barely suffer box office fatigue for long. While examining these diverse aspects, we also try to determine the dynamic effects these movies have created on the global cinema industry regarding the nature and quality of content being created and the revenue generated.

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