Comparison of Compression Tools for Optimization of Mobile Web Applications

Abbas Ali Ghoto, Manzar Bashir, Muzaffar B. Arain, K. N. Memon, Umair Khalid


Internet is one which integrates the people throughout the world. The access of the internet is rapidly increasing throughout the world because of new era of technology such as use of the smartphones and Tablet PCs. The uses of these devices are progressively increasing and we can never ignore the experience of customers on handheld devices. Therefore the websites need to be optimized for such devices (i.e. Smartphone, Tablets, iPhone) in order to provide the best user interfaces. In this research paper an educational domain based web app has been developed using HTML5 & CSS3 for smart devices, which is tested on different twenty compression tools and the results of best common five compression tools are analyzed and compared in order to suggest the more suitable HTML5 and CSS3 compression tool for code compression. Comparative analysis of this research study shows that YUI compressor tool is more suitable for code compression which can compress HTML or CSS code up to 30%.

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