Statistical Data Analysis Of The Challenges And Expectations Of A Woman Reporter In Pakistani Media: A Situation Analysis In Karachi

Syeda Maliha Begum, Dr. Noreen Aleem


Journalism is a challenging profession in Pakistan where women are less encouraged to adopt journalism as their career. This research is designed to address certain issues that a woman reporter faces while reporting in public. The article focuses on the cultural trends and societal acceptance of a woman as a journalist. This research intends to find the extent our society supports and accommodates a woman working as a reporter. This study is the statistical analysis of the working conditions of a woman journalist treading on the streets in Pakistan. the study sheds the light on the hurdles faced by a woman reporter in respect of Pakistani culture. Pakistan's society embraces several different cultures, but above all else, Islamic culture prevails. A lot of researches explored the minimal participation of women in journalism but there we see less material addressing the cultural issues which tend to be a huge hindrance for an individual. The present study with the quantitative statistical approach probes the ground realities in the light of the cultural perspective regarding the motivating or demotivating conditions. The statistical analysis and data entry are completed with the help of SPSS. Pearson’s Chi-Square Test clearly shows the positive relationship between gender and social hindrances.

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