A Real-Time Mobile and Web-Based Logistics Management System for Collaborative Urban Freight Transportation

Lubaid Ahmed, Mir Osama Sultan, Amna Iqbal Godil, Ayesha Jamal Hashmi, Syeda Yamna Zahid, Muhammad Wasim


Logistics management has been considered to be one of the fast growing, flourishing and most lucrative business ventures to grow today in Pakistan and its key strategic geographical location on the commence of major sea trade routes between Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East as well a large untapped market to handle to its vast population. Coordinating logistical operations is a highly complex and onerous task involving activities requiring well-defined routine systematic procedures and meticulous attention to detail with the success of logistics firms now being directly linked with the quality of the software systems designed to cater to the myriad processes involved. The proposed system provides an innovative and user-friendly solution to all these problems of transportations, and shipments of parcels by providing a smart way of placing orders and tracking shipments with minimal human effort required on the part of the client and maximum satisfaction and ease of mind guaranteed at a reasonably cost-effective price. The proposed system contains four modules that are tailored to provide a complete logistics solution in a single software package, namely the Warehouse Management System, Driver/User Registration System and Booking/Tracking System spread over android applications for customers and ad-hoc drivers as well as a web-based desktop application for management and control of the overall system.

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