Smart Bike Monitoring System

Naadiya Khuda Bux Mirbahar, Mohammad Saqib Saqib, Syed Azeem Inam Syed Azeem Inam, Suleman S, Saajid Hussain


The Smart Bike Monitoring System (SBMS) project combines several technologies, both software and hardware, to create a current solution for riders, allowing them to monitor their progress online via an android application. Some of the crucial parameters for a rider include the speed and power generated by the bike and the ability to observe where the bike is at all times using a GPS module. The hardware is in charge of storing, scaling, and sending data from sensors, while the software includes an Android application that displays and pops up notification data and collaboration between the bike and the rider. Finally, an Android app acts as a remote command for the bike's hardware module, allowing control of how and when the ride is monitored.  

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