IoT Based COVID Patient Health Care and Monitoring System

Muhammad Zamin Ali Khan, Darakshan Syed, Sajida Karim


Patients Health care monitoring has become one of the major concerns in the previous decade. Since the technology has also been evolving, it is getting more advanced and technical, typical manual methods of health monitoring do not only consume a lot of time and human resources but almost impossible to monitor each patient all the time. Not all diseases require the real-time monitoring of a patient, but some of them are fatal due to slight negligence and should be monitored continuously, such as heart problems and COVID-19, which have claimed millions of lives. Covid-19 is not like ordinary flu, it can damage the lungs of the infected person, causing abnormal heartbeats and decreased oxygen saturation which leads to death, mostly elders. To overcome the issue a real-time monitoring system exclusively designed for COVID patients have been proposed in the thesis, the unit will not only monitor the patient’s condition with different parameters like temperature, heart rate, and oxygen level, but it will be completely autonomous based on Internet of Things (IoT), the project aims is to design a wearable band with all the required sensors integrated to it along with an LCD to display the readings, and to communicate those with respective medical person wirelessly if there rises any critical situation with its mobile application.

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