Inbound Open Innovation: A Catalyst for High-Performing Firms


  • Sobia Jamil Jinnah University for Women, Karachi - Pakistan
  • Sherbaz khan IoBM - CBM
  • Irfan Ul Haque Greenwich University


Knowledge Management, Internal Innovation Performance, Organization Performance, Product Innovation Performance & Learning Organization


In this study, we look at how learning organizations moderate the link between internal innovation performance, knowledge management, product innovation performance, and overall organization performance. This study fills a gap in the literature by taking a novel look at an old problem—how to boost company performance via innovation—and incorporating knowledge management as an integral part of the solution. Data for the study came from a survey of 204 people working for different companies in Pakistan; the researchers used a quantitative research strategy. The findings point to a favorable correlation between organizational success and the following metrics: knowledge management, product innovation performance, and internal innovation performance. Additionally, a learning organization moderates the relationship between internal innovation performance and organization performance. These results show how important it is for businesses to encourage a learning and innovation culture if they want to improve their performance. Findings from this study can guide efforts to enhance organizational performance by shedding light on the elements that make a difference. The impact of innovation on performance can evolve over time, therefore studies that focus on shorter periods may not be able to capture all of the relevant details. The research may have overlooked some of the nuances of information management, sharing, and utilizing it for innovation within companies, despite the fact that it is a novel approach.