Online Examination System for Higher Education Institutes

Muhammad Ayoub", Khalid Bin Muhammad, Muhammad Asghar Khan, Laiq Muhammad Khan


As technology and telecommunication equipment advances at a rapid pace in our daily lives, the e-learning system is gaining traction in educational institutions. Various academic institutions are attempting to transition from pen-and-paper exams to online exams for a myriad of purposes, like a more customized atmosphere, a more access controls, and more precise assessment. This Digital Assessment Solution is a technological system that enables every corporation or institution to plan, administer, and organize examinations in an online setting. It is possible to do so using the World wide web and/or a Local Network. The designed OLES will be utilised to monitor and manage student data, exam results, resources, and functions at the school. Student information, upcoming blogs, paid and unpaid exams, a notification board, Exam Announcements, role-based access control, private messaging, exam results, types of exams, and self-services are the main features of proposed OLES.

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