Quality of Service Challenges in Cloud Computing

Mehran Sayed, Shuaib A Wadho, Ufaque Shaikh, Dr. Arifa Bhutto, Azhar Ali Shah, Farhan Bashir Shaikh


Cloud Computing is recent biz word with high benefits for consumer and service provider in the recent years many enterprises and organizations migrated data on cloud based environment. Quality of Service (QoS) management is big challenges for user and vendor is concern with performance on demand. Consumers are more concerned about availability of services when required and response time rather than other performance metrics. Usually customers are more inclined to the percentile of time in which they receive their services less than a given value. This paper aims to provide to identify the more challenges QoS in cloud computing, as quality is forever directly comparative to success of any system. Our work will enable researchers and professionals to know about users and vendors concerns and critical analysis about the different quality of service and performance tools proposed

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