DevOps in Practice a Systematic Literature Review

Shahid Ali, Hafsa Riasat, Saleem Zubair, Sabah Arif


IT firms are using agile methodologies to encourage speedy development and quality of software to release a quick IT solution to market. The DevOps process is a linking of IT solutions development and its operational management. One controversial matter has been whether DevOps professional career or firm-wide working culture. DevOps emerged as a new philosophy of thinking, its concepts and implementations are still cloudy, and doing its execution in routine is not well-versed. The conducted systematic literature review selects 15 out of 25 publications. Nowadays as the benefit of DevOps for enterprises increases, many researchers exploring the different dimensions of DevOps. In this review article, we noticed that all firms are confident about their skills and encountered some complications while implementing DevOps. The demand for DevOps realization amongst software development experts, therefore, enhances the necessity for a comprehensive study of its Implementation.

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